Andre, Netherlands, Short-term Tai Chi

Name: Andre Mas

Country: Netherlands

Date:  Nov 2023

Length of Training: Short Term Tai Chi

I came to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy with my wife and my daughter, my wifi and I attend Tai Chi Class, my daughter attend the traditional kung fu class…


The location of the stay is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful. We were picked up at the Wudangshan West Railway Station and took a travel bus to go up the mountain. The School is not so far away, the room is really nice, when we arrival, it was really cold and it took a while to be comfortable.


The food was very good! There were enough choices and variety, and the rice is loved.


The training is consistent and is taken serious. They have a good balance in pushing you to do your best, but not over your limits. It’s relaxing and hard work at the same time.


The masters are very kind, they teach you well and are patient. We appreciate a lot that they practiced at the most scenic places and that we as parents could join.

Thank you.

Training In Wudang Gallery