Toronto Team, 1 Week Tai Chi

Name: Toronto Team

Country: Canada

Date: October 2013

Length of Training: 1 Week

We are a group of students from the Canada and this is our second time to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy, When we arrived at the school, we were surprised to find that the school moved to the new campus, which is a pure natural picturesque landscape. The academy provides ideal conditions to study kung fu in a traditional quiet surrounding and is a perfect dwelling for immortality.

The first day Master Chen checked our last year’s Tai Chi training and corrected our moves. The next day we started to learn six step Fist and Wudang Tai Chi Straightsword, The education scheme is brilliantly set up and excellently taught by Master Yang, Whenever we learn new moves must start from scratch to practice, So it is easy to remember before practice. Although we only stayed for a week’s time, but we learned a lot, Next year we will invite Master Yang taught us to Canada.

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