Piyanuj, Thailand, 1 Month Tai Chi

Name: Piyanuj

Country: Thailand

Date: July 2023 to August 2023

Length of Training: 1 Month

I feel the good Qi right away. I really like the food here, the master teach us form zero until we can practice Wudang 36 Step Tai Chi…


Accommodation here is on the mountain. I feel the good Qi right away. When I arrived, fresh air, sunset and sunrise surrounded by nature are all that you all will find here. Room is ok with air condition and water, bathroom and toilet is ok too. It will be better if the school provide room cleaning at least 1 time per week.


I really like the food here. I’m vegetarian and there are dishes for vegetarian option in every meal. They grow vegetables here at school so the food is fresh and delicious. I would say it is the simple healthy and delicious food.


We (I come with my daughter) learn Tai chi and the training is very impressive for me. In one Month, the master teach us from zero until we can practice 36 forms Tai chi chuan. He trained us step by step. Not only Tai chi practice but also the master also teach us about Tao philosophy and etc.


Our Master is Xi Yi. He teaches me more than just Tai chi performance. I am impressed about his professional as a tai chi teacher and also with his philosophy which I think it is very important. I just learned from him that Tai chi is not just and acting but it is the way of good life and when you practice it enough, it will bring you a peace full life.

He is a great master.

The thing I like most is the people here, they are kind, friendly and calm. This including surrounding by nature make me so peaceful. during 1 month here.

I will practice Tai Chi chuan that I leant from Master Xi Yi when I go back to Thailand.

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