Natalya, Finland, 2 Weeks Qi Gong & Tai Chi

Name: Natalya

Country: Finland

Date: May 2023 to June 2023

Length of Training: 2 Weeks

Master Chen Xi Jing is very kind and calm with really responsible teaching attitude! Thanks a lot and look forward to learn more in the future! I want to express my grattitude to Master Dai Zi Qi for his help and support, great patience and professionalism!

Great presentation and teaching style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and a personal corrections. Really enjoyable and informative, a wonderfully practical! A very insightful , thanks!

The room was very pleasant, it was cozy and clean with air conditioning. AC with the heating mode made the space warm in cool zaing weather. The shug bed with heated mattress. Excellent WIFI, there were very nice towels, kettle, hair dryer, wardrobe.

The food was delicious with varieties of vegetarian dishes, Love it!

Many many warm thanks to everyone!

Training In Wudang Gallery