Master Jiang Xi Yi

Master Name: Jiang Xi Yi

Skilled At: Wudang Fist, Tai Chi and Xing Yi

Master Jiang Xi Yi, a generation Wudang disciple of Wudang Sect. Master Jiang was born in Anyang, China, the hometown of Chinese martial arts. He practiced martial arts in his hometown since he was a child, and then he came to Wudang Mountain to learn traditional Wudang Kung Fu.

Master Jiang is skilled at Wudang Neijia (or Internal) Fist, Wudang Weapon Sword, Tai Chi, Ba Gua Palm (or the Eight-diagram Palm) and Xing Yi Quan.

Master Jiang has a wealth of experience in teaching and he was loved by students from all over the world. He is determined to carry forward the great spirit of martial arts, enable more martial arts enthusiasts benefit from this spirit and become a better self.

Since 2009 Master Jiang has been a master at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy. In 2015 he was invited to teach Wudang Kung Fu at the Pujiang College of Nanjing University of Technology, and participated in Tai Chi cultural exchange activities between the school and high schools. In 2018 he participated in the study and exchange of fitness and Tai Chi health preservation in Shenzhen Fitness Club.

Practice Experience

The study of martial arts is not just about playing some simple routines, but through martial arts practice to achieve the observation and perception of the ultimate meaning of nature, society and life, forming a true martial arts quality that conforms to the laws of heaven and humanity, This is the true affiliation of martial arts education. As the inheritors of Wudang Kung Fu, we should take on the important task of promoting Chinese Wushu and pass on our great culture.

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