Master Dai Zi Qi

Master Name: Dai Zi Qi

Skilled At: Wudang Fist, Sword Form and Wudang Healthpresserving Kung Fu.

Master Dai Zi Qi, a generation disciple of Wudang Sect from the original Wudang Mountain. Master Dai was born in Baoding, Hebei Province, the hometown of Chinese martial arts. He loved Chinese martial arts since he was a child. His parents saw that he was obsessed with martial arts, so they sent him to Wudang Mountain when he was 13 years old, a holy place of Taoism, to learn Wudang martial arts completely, accurately and comprehensively.

During master Dai study in Wudang Mountain, he was diligent, studious, self-disciplined and self-improving, and was formally accepted as a disciple of inheritance by Master Chen Xi Jing.

Master Dai is skilled at Wudang Fist, Sword Forms and Wudang Healthpresserving Kung Fu.

For the past years Master Dai was invited to perform the traditional Wudang Kung Fu all over the world. Few years ago he become a Coach for teaching at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School. In 2021 he won the second prize in Men’s Tai Chi Quan Competition.

Master Dai is extremely responsible for teaching and students. He has a good teaching attitude, is serious in teaching, and cares about students. He has received unanimous praise from students and parents!

Practice Experience

Before I came to Wudang Mountain to learn kung fu(or martial arts), my knowledge of martial arts came from TV dramas and various martial arts novels. After coming to Wudang Mountain, I have a clearer understanding of martial arts. The spirit of martial arts is very important. To learn martial arts, one must first learn moral character. The primary purpose of modern martial arts is to strengthen the body and temper the will, which is self-defense, self-help and helping others.

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