Eleny, Guatemalans, 1 Year Traditional Kung Fu

Name: Eleny

Country: Guatemalans

Date: June 2013 to July 2014

Length of Training: 1 Year

Hello, My name is Eleny, I am from Guatemala, I am a doctor and I trained at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy for 7 months from July 2013 to February 2014, Originally planned to stay one year in the school, because it is something I have to go back home.

When I first arrived at the school I had no idea what to expect. I soon learned to enjoy the regular training and found myself loosening up in a painful way. All of my injuries started to come up and healed themselves through the practice. I trained for six hours a day and five days a week. Master Yang was very concerned about my body, I train alone and Constantly changing training methods, until the best for me. Every Friday master Lei taught me Tradition Taoist Medicines, He was very attentive and the translator David is very professional.

My lodging at the school was comfortable and i liked the food as well, One of the best things there is, it is like a big family, It was an awesome time there i learned so much for my life, I will definitely go back here.

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