Bernardino, American, 3 Weeks Tai Chi

Name: Bernardino

Country: America

Date: May 2013

Length of Training: 3 Weeks

I came and trained at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy for 3 weeks, During this time, I learned the Wudang 13 Step Tai Chi and 18 Step Tai Chi. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn an ancient and import martial art from a very skilled and patient master. Master Yang is a very patient and understanding teacher, practical applications focused, scientific teaching methods, with a very high level of skill.

To train in The Carefree Valley, It is the perfect environment to concentrate on what one is learning. In free time, one can also wander in the Valley around the school and take the bus (free) to visit Wudang Mountain Scenic Area.

Thank master Yang for his patients in teaching me the basics of Wudang Kung Fu style Tai Chi and would like to have him as my instructor when I return back to China for more training, I would highly recommend this school.


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