Autumu, American, 1 Month Tai Chi

Name: Autumu

Country: America

Date: May 2012 to June 2012

Length of Training: 1 Month

I stayed in the Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy 1 month, During this time, I learned the 13 Step Tai Chi and Tai Chi Straight Sword, I really enjoyed training in the Southern Grotto Temple, the atmosphere; the energy of the place is unique. It is the best place in Wudang. The teaching of Master has been very helpful to understand the internal way, and gave me all the knowledge I needed to progress in Kung Fu. It has been a wonderful experience and definitely changed my perception and broadens my scope not only for martial arts, but also for life.

The supporting staff of the academy are very friendly and invest a lot of time in the well-being of all students. The education scheme is brilliantly set up and excellently taught by masters, Master looks carefully at everyone’s personal speed and abilities and inspired us to do our utmost, The translator David also taught us Chinese Language, Taoist Meditation, Taoist History and beautiful storiese about Wudang, we commemorate the cook and how he took care of us with his excellent food and his friendly smile.

So we’ll sum up and say that in our opinion Wudang Mountain Kung Fu academy is the perfect environment to put everything a side and focus on your kung fu, and we’re already looking forward for our next training season here.

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