Welcome to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy China where we have specialized in teaching the traditional Chinese Kung Fu styles to foreign students. We provide food and accommodation and value a friendly and original environment where you will have the opportunity to evolve and learn, both as a person and a practitioner of Chinese martial arts.

Students rooms:

Usually our foreign students live with the shared double room, Every room is equipped with free internet access (or WIFI), air-conditioner, the independent bathroom, hot water, double beds, wardrobes and other supporting facilities, we can guarantee a good life in summer and winter. If you want a private single room you need to pay an additional cost of 200 USD per month.

Washing facilities:

The academy provides free washing machines for students to do their laundry.

Food & Water


Our full room and board service includes 3 meals per Day, 7 days a week though many students eat out in the weekends. The dishes vary every day and there are 3-4 different dishes a day, a general rule though is that there is limited meat and protein in the dishes. Students wishing to have more protein in their diet can buy eggs or fried meat/jerky in the city to supplement and/or get help from the school to order protein powder and other nutritional supplements.

Allergies and other dietary requirements will be considered as well just inform the academy before you arrive.

It is possible to buy snacks and fruit in the academy’s supermarket or in the town but remember that some food categories can be hard to find here since the eating habits are different e.g. dairy products are expensive and hard to come by and most likely not in the quality you are used to from home.


It is not recommended to drink the water from the tap in China. The academy provides electric kettle for every room, also you can buy big bottles of drinkable water from the academy’s supermarket (about $2/5L.)