Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy

Learn Kung Fu In China

Fees & Prices

Fees & Prices

All of these prices include:

  • All training classes
  • The use of training facilities
  • Hotel-style Double Room
  • 3 meals a day
  • Optional classes (e.g. Mandarin, Music, Calligraphy and Theory, etc.)
  • Certificate of achievements and weapon certificate

The only additional costs is for picking up service at at Wudangshan Airport $30, Wudangshan Train Station $15 or Shiyan Train Station $20.

Duration of Stay Cost Per Month Total Cost
1 Month $1,200 $1,200
2 Months $1,170 $2,340
3 Months $1,140 $3,420
6 Months $1,100 $6,600

Prices varies depending on the duration of your stay; the longer one stays and the cheaper per month.

Students who wish to study for one year or more will get an even greater discount:

The prices is for a Hotel style Double air-conditioned room with separate toilet and other Supporting facilities. if you want a room with multi-person and public toilet the cost will be cheaper, you can Contact Us to get information.

Duration of Stay Total Cost
1 Year $12,000

The price for studying 6 months includes 2 free basic weapons, a staff and a broadsword. The price for studying one year includes the 2 free basic weapons as well as a free Wudang training suit.

All our prices are in US Dollars, but Euros and Pounds are acceptable as well.

The prices & fees will be adjusted according to the fluctuation of Chinese commodity prices and the exchange rate.

If you are interested in coming to train for less than one month, please contact us directly to ask about short term study fees.

Find the application here!

For long term students a monthly budget of 100$ as “pocket money” is sufficient for most students to cover for extra training equipment, clothes, trips and snacks.

Short term students of 1-3 months might want 200$ pr. month since they have a tendency to do more trips and buy more souvenirs/presents due to their shorter stay.

Notes: There is no refund for any fees paid. The school can arrange for classes in the future in lieu of refund.